Wandering through the Reader this evening I found a post regarding National Poetry Writing Month. I’ve never heard of it before, but apparently it’s similar to NaNoWriMo in that one month of the year writers undertake a challenge. In this case, to write a poem a day every day of April.

I might give it a go. has a daily prompt to help if you’re not feeling inspired. Today it was to go to Bibliomancy Oracle, a Tumblr blog, and see what came up.This was mine:

You do not move mountains with money

you move mountains with faith.


from “Werner Herzog” by Mike Krutel

I got nothing. Sorry, not even a dreary squiggle. I’m going to have to dig something else out of my brain.


Okay, this happened. It’s terrible.


Tie a kite to your mum’s car;

Tell the boss you’re looking for a computer file,

In the stationary cupboard;

Tell the kids to go buy some chickens teeth for tea;

It’s April Fool’s Day


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