Should I get another blog?

The purpose of this blog has changed slightly over time.
Originally I wanted to post my fiction. In the last couple of years I have increasingly been widening that to include reviews of books, music, places etc, and other ‘writing’ stuff, like responses to writing prompts, personal challenges – 30 days of creative writing for example, updates on my novels and short stories, and book news.

And then there’s the posts that don’t fit in with any of that. The posts about depression, science, history. I want to write about other subjects too, religion, sexuality, politics, all the fun stuff that starts debates.

I’ve been thinking about how messy this has made the blog. Should I stick to my omnivorous blog, merely updating its purpose, or have a secondary blog for non-writer related posts? I need to mull it over.

3 thoughts on “Should I get another blog?

  1. You need to know if keeping up two blogs is going to be doable. I have two blogs, one for art and one for writing, though the art one kind of gets used for anything non-writing related. I originally had one blog for everything but I liked the idea of keeping things separate. I suppose it depends if you feel you’ll have enough content to spread over two blogs. Good luck making your decision! 🙂

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