Facebook cramps my madness

I have my posts set up to share on Facebook automatically. I connected my WordPress to Facebook so I could share my writing with family and friends.That’s the problem. There are some things I need to write about, because they’re on my mind, but I’m reluctant to because I…I don’t know. I use writing to help me think things through; I don’t know how some people will react to the stuff I need to write down. If strangers have a problem with what I write then I’m quite capable of arguing the toss with them. People I know? Different matter. I actually care about not upsetting them.

Thinking, thinking, too much thinking.

I could just edit the Publicize settings I suppose, except of course that one of my sisters also had a blog and we follow each other, and two of my sister-friends – E and SN – would be able to read them on Tumblr, which means I’d have to not publish there either. To be fair, E and SN wouldn’t be fussed about what I’d write. It’s one of the perks of us being good friends; they know me well enough that whatever I write or say doesn’t often come as a surprise.


9 thoughts on “Facebook cramps my madness

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