Time for tea

A cup of tea that is. jubilee_teapot

I’ve spent the morning reading (see previous post) and now I need a break. I should probably leave the house as well. I haven’t been out since Monday; the dog is mardy about this and I need shopping. I agreed – because the bike needs new tyres – to do some overtime tomorrow and Friday. Not my usual job but something in the same department, and it’s easyish if dull work.

I’m an idiot.

I’d much rather be at Dad’s reading/writing/watching movies/walking the dog on the seafront. I’m not feeling hugely like interacting with other people at the minute so the thought of spending eight hours a day for the next four days in a small kitchen with a fluctuating number of people – depending on which QA’s and managers decide to stick their heads ’round the door – doesn’t appeal. I know I need the money, gods’ know I do, so I suppose I’d better just swallow my anxiety, take my meds and go to work.billy at the beach

Because that’s worked sooooo well in the past.

And on that note I’m going to make myself a cup of tea.

Drat. no milk. I don’t fancy another cup of Earl Grey today. I really have to leave the house don’t I?

Did you know there was a UK Tea Council? Seriously! Don’t ask how I discovered this. Apart from the usual commercial aims of such bodies it does have an interesting ‘history of tea’ page, and a ‘featured tea rooms’ page. That could be quite useful, for one or two people I know…



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