Phone Frustrations

Just a quick post from me this morning, I have a couple of things to do then I have to get some writing done, or possibly some reading.

I have four phone contracts in my name. It’s really not as excessive as it sounds. Originally I got two contract, one for me and one for my friend E. They were BlackBerrys. First mistake, Within less than a year both of us had to get new phones. I opted for a new, cheap contract phone and E. got her ex-husbands handset. That’s three contracts. Late last year E. got a phone call from out mobile phone provider and agreed to a second contract as well – so four in my name. It’s all good; the bills go out of my account and are in my name, and E. pays me the amount for each phone bill every month. It works out nicely for both of us.

The original contracts end mid-April, so this morning I rang 3 to give them the 30 days notice they requested. It seemed like a simple thing to do. But no, of course it wasn’t. I was on the phone for 15 minutes, 15 minutes! Because they kept trying to sell me a new contract. Apparently, ‘No thank you, I have another contract, I don’t need a third’ said repeatedly and firmly doesn’t get through.

I find it very frustrating that companies think it’s acceptable to take up my time, when I’m busy, to push-sell products that I’ve said I don’t need. If I’ve said it once, then they should not keep trying to sell me something. I wanted to complete a simple action – cancel the contracts on two phones that had reached the end of their contracts anyway – and they made it as difficult as possible, passing me between two different departments and interrupting the process by trying to sell me new contracts, while saying ‘I’m not trying to sell you anything, I respect your decision’ etc.

Really? They ‘respect my decision’? I don’t think so. I couldn’t get the two men I spoke to to shut up long enough for me to say good bye and hang up because they were very obviously trying to sell me something I didn’t want and had said repeatedly to both that I didn’t want another contract phone.

I understand that the call centre staff probably have sales targets to meet and that they probably rely on sales to make a decent wage, but it’s disrespectful to customers to constantly bombard them with a pushy sales pitch when the customer has already stated their lack of interest. Perhaps, instead of forcing their staff to reach sales targets inĀ  order to earn a decent wage, the phone companies/call centres should pay their employees a decent wage in the first place? Then everyone would feel less pressure and frustration when a customer rings the call centres.

It would also help if they made things simpler, by directing me straight to the cancellations department and then doing as I asked. In addition I’d have much preferred to go in to my local 3 Store and cancelled the contracts in there, since I’m in Grimsby fairly regularly, than have to ring a call centre. When I went into the shop I was told they couldn’t cancel contract from there, despite having access to my phone details on the computer in front of them. It’s ridiculous and I’m somewhat incredulous that they were completely unable to do anything from the store.

I’d best be going, the morning’s gone and I still have things to do.





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