There’s so many more important events …

Happening right now, but go ahead and get you celebrity fix from the Oscars. The vicarious glamour must be entertaining.

Good morning kind humans, how are you all doing? Enjoying March? I am. The Sun’s shining and sometimes it’s even warm!

I woke up early and made the mistake of checking Facebook and Twitter. All anyone seems to want to talk about is who won what Academy Award last night.

How boring. It’s pushed the real news off the agenda. I suppose it’s easier to dismiss world events with cliches and focus on someone’s clothes, than to actually think about what’s going on in the world, to take the time to read about the historical and political context, and hear the arguments and experiences of people as they are living events.

That’s cool, we all need to retreat in to simplicity sometimes, but really how is Jared Leto receiving an Oscar more important than current events in Ukraine or Syria? Or any of the other massive humanitarian and environmental upheavals taking place at the minute?

One of the things I love about blogging is that if I’m interested in something, or want information, someone, somewhere is writing about it. I had a quick look round WordPress this morning and I’ve just moved on to the BBC’s website.

A few stories from the BBC website that caught my attention:

There were others, but this list is getting very long now.

The internet had the potential to disseminate information, knowledge, across the world, allowing everyone with access to a computer to educate themselves. And then pass on that information to people who haven’t got the same luxury.

And yet it gets derailed by who’s wearing what designer’s outfit at a celebrity back patting party.

Perspective: people need to get some.


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