Why I’ll not go back to paid weight loss groups

Anyone seen my picture? Yeah I’m overweight, and I have been for over twenty years. It’s a problem, I know it’s a problem; I don’t need reminding that being overweight is unhealthy, or considered to be not aestheticly pleasant in a culture obsessed by skin and bones.

I’ve tried going to Weight Watchers and Slimming World several times. I’ve spent stupid amounts of money on them, in membership, paraphernalia, branded food etc.
And you know what? They work.
But only while you’re a member. If you have to stop going to the meetings then the diets stop working. I found this out repeatedly. I’d lose a couple of stone, have to stop going to the meetings because of work, archery, depression etc., then put the weight back on despite trying to stick to the schemes.

I also found that I developed an unhealthy obsession with food. I was always thinking about what I could or couldn’t eat, when ny next meal was etc. If you already have a destructive relationship with food then the added pressure of constantly checking points values, etc. doesn’t promote a healthy attitude to food.

The group ‘support’ turns in to group shame and pressure if you don’t lose the pounds, again adding to the unhealthy obsession. High weight losses are applauded while gains are greeted with barely disguised disgusted pity. The obsession with the weekly weigh-in and the pressure it put on me, if I didn’t lose weight, would throw me in to a downward spiral of weight gain, comfort eating, guilt & depression, followed by further weight gain.

I’m not putting myself through that again. I can’t afford to, for the good of my mental health and my wallet. If these associations work for other people then good for you, but the experience of several groups over a number of years has put me off completely.


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