I will be getting this and reading it, just as soon as I get my tablet to a WiFi connection. Can’t go wrong with a free book.


Remember to Like, Share, Comment, Retweet, DM it to friends, people you may think might like it (the subtle hint of ‘celebrity’ is used here, especially if a blue-tick kinda person follows you ;)), if you enjoy reading!

For anyone who isn’t aware: Tongues is a short story, which will not even take a day to read. It’s a horror/gore/thriller style, although some people may not find it gory enough (like me!).

It’s a FREE eBook. Yes, free. I’ve written this with the intention of just to reach as many people as possible! The eBook is not about making money, for me, it’s just one thing to be proud of and also, just to cross off the list of things to do this year!

You can download it from my SmashWords profile here: X Marks The Spot.

All you need to remember is the following formulae: Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Lather…

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