My Most Inspirational Writers – Terry Pratchett

Also this…

My favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, J R R. Tolkien and Jane Austen. I agree with geek with a pen’s sentiment: if I’m ever considered a half-decent writer it’ll be because of them.

Also, everyone must read Discworld!

Geek With a Pen

I got excited when I got to this name in my list.  For some of the other writers it was difficult to try to put into words how they have affected me as a writer without sounding pretentious, although it’s been a good exercise to go back and think about their different styles from a different angle.  Terry Pratchett on the other hand is easy.  Basically I just think he’s awesome.

I could happily leave it there but I probably should elaborate for the sake of making this a more interesting post.  The first book I read of his was Guards! Guards! and it’s still my favourite.  I love any of the stories containing Sam Vimes and the witches as well.  Humour is key for his stories and it’s something I admire in writers who get it right because I’ve always found it difficult to achieve without it sounding forced…

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