My weekend in London: Part 2

I’m home, exhaustion has won out over excitement, and my blisters have blisters. London is a great place to visit, but I have no idea how anyone could live there. The culture shock when I got back this afternoon was slightly disorientating. It was so quiet!

But back to the weekend. I last wrote on Saturday, once back at the hostel after the theatre and tea. Sunday, Sunday, hmm. It was less hectic.

We got lost.

On the Underground.


Then we walked the wrong way along the Strand and had to turn round. It took us over an hour to do a half hour trip. Never again will I go anywhere near the Circle Line.

We did get to the Twinings Tea Shop and Museum eventually though. Interesting little place. They had a huge range of teas and coffee available and I bought a couple of new varieties to try. They had a couple of different teas brewed for tasting, so obviously we had to try them. They were lovely, although I didn’t think to write the names down, and served in ceramic breakers.

The staff are pleasant and helpful, the shop clean, and though not spacious, well organised.

We ate at Pret. It’s expensive (though probably not by London standards) but the food is yummy.
The rest if the afternoon was spent at the Natural History Museum. I have a few photos, of stuffed birds mostly, and I might post them once I’ve recovered. It was packed and we couldn’t see everything, or give full attention to what we did see. The ‘Red Zone’ – geology, chemistry, environment etc – was the area we spent most time exploring. Geared toward informing and educating, it had a large number of interactive displays.

Unlike the first two nights, we had tea at the hostel. I ordered Chinese online and got it delivered. Exhaustion had finally beaten us and we couldn’t face another packed restaurant.

Unfortunately a large group of French school children arrived at the same time as our tea. The noisome brats kept up a racket all flaming night. Who lets twelve year olds run around a hostel banging doors and shouting at 11pm? We were not best pleased, and I can’t imagine anyone else in the hostel was either.

And so to our final day in London. It would be more precise to say ‘final morning’ as we caught trains home just after half one. We left the hostel at the 11am check out deadline, and made our way to King’s Cross. In between getting to the station and leaving London we loitered in Maccy’s. I had my first salad in four days. It was probably the cheapest meal I’d eaten as well. Bit of a reversal from the usual, normally I would consider Maccy’s as a treat and have a burger.

I’m so glad to be home. My back and hips aren’t too bad, pain wise, but there’s a good chance I won’t leave the house tomorrow. Partly because I’m exhausted and partly because I want to stay away from people for a while. Travelling is fun and interesting, but so tiring.

Normal service will be resumed ASAP. I have several books to review, and more once I get the laptop back (my tablet plays merry hell if I try to open epub files, so I can only read PDF’s until I get my computer back).

Have a good week,



2 thoughts on “My weekend in London: Part 2

    1. Yep, taken me two days to recover. Give me a year and I might manage to get back there again. But only for a couple of days. Four is too long for a provincial like me.

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