Work in progress: the cushions

Last week I mentioned how a day out kickstarted my creative juices and I planned to make some cushions. The embroidery I was working on for said cushions became a pair of canvases instead.


Here they are on my book shelf. I really need to organise that shelving unit better.

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Did I read that somewhere?

Here’s the thing, sometimes I have difficulty separating fantasy from reality. And


I forget what I’ve actually told someone and what I’ve thought ‘oh I must tell such and such about that’. I live in my own head most of the time and always have done.

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African Union: We cannot ignore the plight of Berkshire any longer

Very funny satire of The Daily Mail. Puts a few things in perspective as well.

The Daily Hawk!

The Daily Mail's Cry For Help Has Been Answered The Daily Mail’s Cry For Help Has Been Answered

by Peter Wilson

Responding to popular calls from the Daily Mail and Nigel Farage, African leaders met in Kinshasa yesterday to discuss the growing floods crisis in the United Kingdom.

‘The images of knee-high water have shocked us all’, said Congo’s President Kabila, whose nation is currently recovering from the most brutal conflict in recorded history since the Second World War.

‘The [Daily] Mail and Mr Farage have made it clear that Britain’s international aid budget, used around the globe to combat AIDS, famine and female genital mutilation, is needed in High Wycombe.

‘Well, we can do one better’.

Governments across the continent have drawn up assistance packages to help the hundreds of Britons forced to sleep in poorly funded community centres, often for days at a time.

‘It is unimaginable’, said Kabila before the assembled statesmen in Kinshasa, ‘In Henley-upon-Thames…

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It’s been a fairly successful morning

Considering I’m feeling rough.

I’ve got a few ideas jotted down for future posts, finished reading and reviewed a book, added feedback on a book over at, checked my emails, mentally designed a set of cushions and then ordered the materials,  and emailed for a review copy of a book I want to read.

I’ve even managed to eat a sensible breakfast. Next up, dress, dinner, walk the dogs. Might not seem like much but for me it’s progress.

Review: ‘The Last Werewolf’ by Glen Duncan

6th February 2014
Canongate Books

ISBN: 9781782112662


Jacob Marlow has lived for 200 years, a werewolf bitten in Snowdonia while on a walking holiday. Now he’s the last of the species. He’s hunted by an organisation, WOCOP, known as the Hunt, dedicated to the eradication of all supernatural entities, including werewolves, vampires and demons. He’s also being hunted by the vampires, who are looking for a way to walk in daylight.

Jacob doesn’t care. He’s tired of living. When his only friend is murdered by the Hunt he can’t find the energy to fight.

Until something he thought was dead, had died in him long before, returns. Love. With new incentive Jacob decides he has to live.

At this point it all goes to hell.

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It’s been an interesting day; Or, how I got rid of my recent writer’s block

I’ve been working a lot lately (yay money! Boo exhaustion!) and today is my first proper day off for two weeks. I am also sick again (physically rather than mentally this time round), so sick I had to leave work halfway in to my shift yesterday because of nausea. Bit of a problem that, when you work in a food factory.
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