30 Days of Creative Writing: Day 30

Good morning. Well done, you’ve put up with my pseudo-creative ramblings for 30 days. This is the last in the series. I’ve chosen an exercise that appears in ‘term three’ of ‘Back to Creative Writing School’ by Bridget Whelan.

The subject under discussion is the literary genre of magical reality. Or, magic for grown-ups as the author herself described the genre in her section title. The exercise is to choose a character from from a given list and then give them unexpected wings. How do they react? What are the wings like?

I started work on this yesterday, planning my story and have written the first part, up to the point my character realises he’s sprouting wings. I thought I’d show you my outline notes.


This is my page of notes about the characters.


Part of my notes for the first two acts.


Almost all of the third act planned out.

Eventually, after I’ve finished scribbling the first draft and I get my laptop back, I’ll type up the story. If I think it’s passable I might even post some of it on the blog. So far I’ve just finished writing the opening scene, the politician’s beginning to itch.

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R Cawkwell

Hi I'm Rosemarie and I like to write. I write short stories and longer fiction, poetry and occasionally articles. I'm working on quite a few things at the minute and wouldn't mind one day actually getting published in print.

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