30 Days of Creative Writing: Day 20

I was going to skip a few chapters in the book and choose my favourite exercises for the next ten days.

Then I turned to the next section of the ‘Term Two’ chapter – week 5. The Four Line Poem.

In this exercise I have to write a four line poem describing an emotional state, with precise pictures, and not mentioning the emotion or any synonym.

Grey as the spring fogs without a promise that it’ll burn away.
It feels like choking on candy floss while wrapped in cotton stuffing.
It sounds like the world is a thousand miles away and everything is whispering.
It happens when any opportunity to advance is taken away.

That’s my description of depression. Not very poetic and I’m not sure if it paints the picture I was after. But since I’m having one if my down days it’s the best you can expect.



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