30 Days of Creative Writing: Day 17, part the second

I’m back, and so soon.

The twelfth section of this book is actually a really quick exercise. It’s called ‘The blue man woke up’ and ‘was inspired in part by Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way’.

There is a photograph of what looks to be a blue plaster statue, showing only the head against grass. The exercise is to start with the phrase ‘The blue man woke up, blinked twice and said…’ and continue writing for ten minutes. After ten minutes whatever you’ve written should be put aside for seven days. After that re-read and assess the work.

According to the author the point is to help get past the part of ourselves that says we’re no good, and even if we are it’s all been said before.

Here’s what I managed to write in ten minutes, completely unedited. It’s usually the case that what I write I’m these posts is a second draft, I’m working on it as I tap it out onto my phone. Not with this one; it’s pure, unadulterated mind pourings.

The blue man woke up, blinked twice and said, “Computer, status report.”

The screen in his sleeping pod flashed above his head, rippling and beeping into life. He quickly scanned the cuneiform characters for useful information.

Still too close!

The Command would still be able to sense him out here. He should have been across the galaxy by now, beyond the reach of his home world and it’s grasping leader. Something blinked on the screen and caught his attention. His sluggish mind stirred at the information before him. The date was wrong. It must be; he couldn’t have slept for a hundred years.

Not possible!

“Computer, check date.”

The screen blinked off and on again, for an instant he looked out into his craft until his sight was obscured by the screen flashing up the date in large red numerals.

No! Something must have gone wrong.

He tapped out a sequence on the pad under his right hand. The last of the sleeping agent cycled out of his system, replaced with nutrient solution. Fully alert now, he disengaged the hypodermics and tapped the release sequence for the door into to pad under his left hand.

Time to find out who sabotaged his plan.

I plan to come back to this next Friday and assess it. I quite like it at the moment. I don’t usually write sci-fi, but I have read a little lately. Perhaps my reading has affected my writing?

Now, I really am going to have my breakfast.

Bye, again.


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