Review:Sherlock Series 3 Episode 3

8.30 pm
12th January 2014

Well that was an amazing end to the series.

Do you want spoilers? I suppose I should give you a clue.

CAM is revealed to be Charles Augustus Magnusson (Lars Mikkelson), a man with more influence and information on everyone, even than Mycroft. CAM is a newspaper magnate with too much influence on the government. Mycroft warns Sherlock to back off, but that’s no going to happen and we all know it.
Sherlock solves the problem as he always does, but Mycroft has to intervene and prepares to send his brother in to exile.

Until an old enemy reappears to call him home.

This episode? Amazing.

We really get an insight in to understand the relationship between Sherlock and Mycroft, and their family. References to canon – Sherlock in the crack den, Wiggins, the blackmail, Sherlock getting engaged for a case, CAM getting shot – keep the episode in the spirit of original stories while providing a modern twist.

Throughly enjoyed the sub plot with John and Mary as well.

And if you enjoy any incarnation of the Sherlock Holmes stories, the BBC aired an interesting programme ‘Timeshift: How to be Sherlock Holmes’ on BBC 4 straight after. Well worth watching, spot the influences is a dn game to play.


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