I’ve been thinking

Stop laughing.

No it didn’t hurt. No you can’t smell burning.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this creative writing book I’m working through. I’ve had a quick look through the next few sections and I can see why it’s designed to be worked through over several months. The exercises become longer as the book progresses.

During the week that isn’t a problem but at the weekend I’m too exhausted by my job to write (I do get a lot of reading done though), so this 30 days might get stretched out by a week or two. I still intend to work through the exercises daily this month but I’ll be posting the results less frequently. And I’ll still review the book at the end of the month.

Probably while I’m on the Doncaster to London train.

Progress on exercise 10, words and music, is going well. I have a character and basic plot outlined. I’ve started writing the first part and will move on to the middle – with the music induced flashback – either tomorrow night or Monday morning.

Hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday,



2 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking

  1. Everybody has different ways that work for them. Some people outline a book in detail, while other, like me, just start writing. I think noticing how other people write is important, but the best practice is really just writing. Hope the book works out for you.

    I’m an amateur writer who has just posted a novella. I hope you check it out, if you have the time. The toughest thing that I’ve found about writing is actually getting people to take a look.

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