30 days of Creative Writing: Day 9

Today’s exercise is another multi-part creature, but it’s not so long as Monday/Tuesday’s. Today alliteration in prose and poetry is the subject under study.

Prose exercise (1) Tongue twister

Rosie’s room is really ready for redecoration; plush pillows and purple paper, perhaps?

Prose exercise (2) Alliterative sentences
From three scenarios given write two or three sentences that might be found in a short story, alliteratively.

Two people arguing
“Really Reg, your reaction’s ridiculous.”
“Perhaps, Polly, you should pollute and poison other people’s properties?”

Lost child
Scared and sighing, Shelley seeks succour. Some strangers assistance, it’s safe surely?

A violent storm
Rain comes with crash and clatter. Keep the windows closed! Drawn curtains curse the grey skies.

Poetry exercise (1)
List several alliterative phrases that could be used in a poem.

(1) Cold skies shining in cheerless cloudless quiet.
(2) Twisted tree tortured by time.
(3) With sad sighs and sodden smiles we survived.
(4) In darkness drawn, deep well tapped.
(5) Time drags our dark dreams down to hell.

Poetry exercise (2) Select one of the phrases, take out alliteration, try to expand in it then put the alliteration back in and write a poem from it.

I’ll save you the pain of reading my random scribbles and just present the finished article. I expanded on phrase 2.

Twisted, tortured by time.
Years waiting in hurling winds
High above the storm struck strand.
Tempest tree
Thunder’s gift.

And that is why most of the poetry I write will never see the light of day. Terrible isn’t it?

Right, I have to read a book for review before the end of the month so I’d best get back to it. It’s quite interesting so far but I can’t tell you more until the end of the month. Cover reveal is on Sunday though.


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