Review: Sherlock Episode 2 Series 3

Sunday 5th January 2014
BBC1 8.30pm
Stephen Thompson

I will solve your murder, but John Watson will save your life.

Based extremely loosely on ‘The Sign of the Four’, this second episode of the long awaited third series sees the wedding of John Hamish Watson and Mary Elizabeth Morston.

As best man, Sherlock has many duties including interrogation of potential guests, organising seating arrangements and table napkin origami. He’s in full panic mode when Mary sends the boys off to find a case. Embarrassingly for John and Sherlock they can’t solve the mystery.

Until the wedding day, when during Sherlock’s best man speech all becomes clear.

I laughed so much during this episode. Considering Thompson wrote Reichenbach (Ep.3, S.2) I was expecting pain, lots of pain. Instead we got humour, affection and a lovely waltz. The stag night and drunk deduction was very amusing, while the solution to the almost-murders was clever. I cried a bit at the end, it was a very emotional episode.

Next week’s episode is going to hurt, but we might finally get to see CAM.


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