Review: ‘The Bride’ by Kacie Taylor


A YA retelling of the fairytale ‘The Beauty and The Beast’

Late last year I was emailed by the author of this ebook asking if I’d be interesting in reviewing it.

Callia Hurnel, is chosen to be the next potential. Bride of her King. In two hundred years not one of the Brides have survived long enough to actually marry the king. They’re bodies are all returned to their families sooner or later. Rumours abound about the terrifying monster who is their king. Callia is taken to the palace, frightened and nervous. Time passes, and as she grows less frightened and more perceptive of the few people around her, Callia realises all is not as she expects. The secret of the Brides and the king is revealed just in time for Callia to save the king from his own past.

The imagery is quite vivid on occasion, when dream or nightmares are described. The relationship between Callia and Zain (the king) is developed at well measured pace.

Once I got into the story it didn’t take me long to read; the book, in PDF, is only 119 pages in total. However, it took me a while to get into the story. I had to get through my dislike of Callia and her one dimensional characterisation.

The short length doesn’t allow for adequate development of the characters throughout the novel, or events in the third part, which are rather rushed. There’s also too much repetition in description; variations on the phrase ‘simple gowns’ for example.

This short novel is alright but it’s not the best. It’s not that original either.


Kacie Taylor is a writer from Utah, USA and The Bride is her first published novel. A sequel inspired by another popular fairytale is planned. She blogs at


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