Review: ‘A Study in Ashes’ Book Three of The Baskerville Affair Series by Emma Jane Holloway

31st December 2013
Del Rey Press

ISBN 9780345537201
Mass market paperback


Eveline Cooper has finally got to University, unfortunately it’s not all she hoped. It’s a prison that occasionally explodes. Nick is dead and Imogen is in a coma; Eveline is alone with only notes from her uncle Sherlock to keep her sane. The Baskerville conspiracy is building up to openly rebel against the Steam Barons but they need Eveline free to help them on Dartmoor.

Magic and mayhem follow Eveline as she gains her freedom and finds that the dead aren’t necessarily safely in the grave. War comes to the Empie as the Steam Barons finally go to war with each other. The rebels take advantage of events as a new king reveals himself. They are helped by pirates, makers, the spirits of London, a giant hound and a mechanical caterpillar with red boots.

This final novel in The Baskerville Conspiracy series brings events to an exciting conclusion. Characters fulfill their potential; the just are rewarded, some of the guilty punished and others are redeemed. The plot has a predictable denouement – the rebels are victorious and the Steam Barons defeated. How they get there I’d unpredictable however. There were moments when I found the story dull but these were rare.

I quite enjoyed this novel; hopefully the author will continue Eveline and Nick’s adventures un the air with Athena.


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