30 days of creative writing (+1 day reviewing the month)

I have a book on my tablet by Bridget Whelan called ‘Back to Creative Writing School’ that contains 30 creative writing exercises.

I have decided that I’m going to try to tackle an exercise a day this month and then on the 31st (on the train to London, did I mention I’m going to London at the end of the month?) I’ll write a review of the book and the month of creative writing.

Here’s my first exercise.

Choose a name I answer to and write a paragraph about it

I’ve got all of two names: Rosemarie or Rosie. I’m going to write about my given name, Rosemarie. There’s a story that I’m name after a fishing boat my Mum and Dad saw in Whitby before I was born. My dad said, apparently, that if they had another daughter then he wanted to name me Rosemarie because he thought it was a beautiful name. It’s always been difficult to get people to spell it properly. Usually they spell it with a y. It’s not. It’s definitely -ie.


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