Daily Prompt // 15 minutes // What could I say

It’s been a whole week since I posted anything; I’ve been busy catching up with all the things I put on hold in November. I’m almost caught up on my crafts and I have a few books to review.

I thought, since I enjoyed writing for last week’s prompt, I’d have a bash at this week’s. The theme/prompt was 15 minutes to address the world.


I’ve been thinking about my answer all day, when I haven’t been asleep. It made work more interesting. What would I say, if I could have the attention if 7 billion people for 15 minutes? I came up with a list:

Be nice to each other

No one person or group has the right to bully another

Respect each other’s differences

Respect life in all it’s forms

We only have the one Planet, it’s time we started looking after it properly

Love is love, everything else is a social construct

When life goes to hell family is often all that we have; family be a flexible concept though

Intelligence may or may not be biologically determined, but ignorance is a choice; choose to educate yourself

Addendum to above: read widely – the internet counts as well as books – but learn to sift the information; read opposite views to your own, seek out the sources, don’t accept anything at face value, question everything and if you don’t get a good answer be cautious

None of these are original thoughts; they’ve been expressed with far greater elegance than I’ll ever muster elsewhere. That being the case there would be no point in me repeating them. What weight could my squeaky voice add to the argument?


That’s how I’d make my address. I like the radio.

Because it depends on the spoken word rather than visual clues one can make the point without the audience deciding whether the person addressing them is worthy of their time, making a value judgement, based on superficial appearance and associated prejudices.

Words draw better pictures.

And now I’m going, because I have to get up for work in the morning (why are there two 5 o’clocks in a day?).


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