“The Daily Prompt | Tattoo…You”, Or Rosie has a change of opinion on the subject of ink


Bored on my breakfast break at work this morning I read through the WordPress Daily Prompt post for today and thought I’d give it a go.

I don’t have any tattoos, and until a few years ago would never have even considered getting one. It looks like a painful procedure, so many tattoos are bad art, tacky and unoriginal, and what would my family say? A few things have changed my opinions.

The first was becoming close friends with someone who had tattoos and was prepared to explain the significance of her ink, their origins and influence. I have since made a lot more friends who have ink; for them most of their tats have some reference to a significant episode in their lives.

Secondly, my middle cousin is a talented artist, and has started a career as a tattoo artist. He’s covered in tattoos, most his own design. I’ve see how much work goes into the design and preparation of good tattoo art. So, they’re not tacky to me any more, or at least I can appreciate the artform now. There are still times when I see people covered in ink and shudder because their tattoos are so bad.

Thirdly, ‘what would my family say if I got a tattoo?’

Hahaha, that’s funny, a few of them have tattoos; admittedly, my sister’s and I have discussed the matter and they were dead against me getting a tattoo that could be seen. My Dad, who I thought would be even more against the idea, was of completely the opposite opinion.

Do you want to see a picture if a back piece I designed? I’ll just go and find it…

See follow up post.


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