Daily Prompt|Tattoo…You, continued

After rooting around my Facebook photo albums I managed to find a picture of the (almost) finished design.

It’s not a very good photo I’ll admit and the design itself needs a bit more work – by someone who can draw better than I. In this case one of my sisters (the other artist in the family) who is going to sketch the dog roses properly, and tidy it up a bit.


I want to change the writing.
Currently it’s in the Latin alphabet, I want to change it to the Anglo-Friesian Furthork. Mostly because what it says isn’t very polite.

The significance of each element is fairly simple. The arrow represents an important part of my life – archery – which I don’t practice any more because my back was damaged in an accident. In a few years I might return to the sport. I was very proud to ne a member of Lincolnshire’s archery team, to be Lincolnshire’s Ladies Longbow Champion for several years, to win Lincoln Castle Longbow tournament and of being a club Secretary and level 1 coach. I made some good friends in archery, people I trusted and who supported me when I started having mental health problems. And who took me to competitions.

The dog roses that twine the arrow are there because I like dog roses. They’re pretty.

The writing says ‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down’. It’s practically a family motto. Every time things started to go downhill, whenever I had problems at school or work this phrase was offered in support.

I may never get it done, but the thought has crossed my mind to have a tattoo, or this one at least.
I still can’t get over how painful the procedure looks though. And it’s expensive.


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