Lazy Rosie is…

Not so lazy!

I removed the laptop from my knees for a while and wrote just over a thousand words!

Yay me!

The official word count is now 28,620 plus 3200-ish words from additional scenes that are out of sequence. I’ll do a proper word count when I’m done.

How’s it going for everyone else writing their NaNoWriMo novel? We’re almost two weeks in now, keep going. Success, or something very like it, awaits. I have beaten my word count from last year, which was my first goal of NaNoWriMo 2013. The second goal is to actually finish the novel. The third is for that finished novel to be at least 50,000 words. After that, who knows. I’ll cross that great scary chasm when I get to it.

And it does terrify me, the thought of other people reading my writing, even friends who are sympathetic and actually have a clue how my brain works and are therefore able to follow where the story is going. The thought of strangers not only reading my work but actually enjoying it scares me. I put a lot of my own angst and fears in to my writing, I don’t like the idea that strangers might have a window in to my soul.

Though I write this blog and I am fairly frank about my mental health and other personal issues here there are things that go in to my fiction that I can’t discuss any other way, except with a very small number of extremely close friends (who are as barmy as I am and fairly open-minded). They also know me well enough to know what’s my own thoughts and what’s there for the story. I know the vast majority of any readers I have won’t be in that small group (even my closest family don’t know everything about me – sorry Dad).

So if you ever read my stuff don’t make assumptions about me.



That went somewhere it wasn’t meant to; I really did just come on line to do my weekly(ish) word count. I’m tired, and emotional from writing a difficult scene (main character just learnt mother and step-father are alive – she thought they were dead). I’ll go now before I embarrass myself further.




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