First NaNoWriMo update of 2013

I’m doing quite well. Friday got off to an excellent start with over 3000 words written but then work at the weekend with all its attendent exhaustion meant I managed to write less than 2000 words all weekend.

Monday and Tuesday saw a renewed effort and another 6900+ words added. This morning, before going to college I managed to write just over 500 words.
Word count at present: 12, 462 approximately.

I’m on chapter five and quite pleased with it so far. I have deviated slightly from my plan but not too much (added an extra character, introduced an important theme earlier than planned) and it’s going well.

I did notice something: my mood has very obvious effects on they tone and content of my writing. Yesterday I woke up unhappy –  nightmares will do that – and they first thousand words were catharsis. This morning I woke up deeply depressed, anxious and scared, so I wrote an argument and a manic character. Then I went for a walk to college. I’m fine now but they scene wasn’t meant to be in the novel. It was an unplanned addition that actually might enhance the story.

So onwards to 50,000 words.

Good luck to everyone doing NaNoWriMo2013.


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