Review: 100 Poems Old and New by Rudyard Kipling

Selected and Edited by Thomas Pinney

Cambridge University Press

11 December 2013


This is a collection of mostly unfamiliar poems by Rudyard Kipling, culled from a variety of sources.

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EEEEEKKK Dr Who! Or, my review of ‘An Adventure In Space and Time’

For those who don’t know, I quite enjoy Dr Who. I can’t wait for the fiftieth anniversary episode on Saturday evening. As part of the celebrations Mark Gatiss has made a programme called  ‘An Adventure In Time and Space’  – a dramatic retelling of the inception and early years of Dr. Who and the first Doctor, William Hartnell.

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Two book reviews

I know I said I wasn’t reviewing any books this month because I’m concentrating on my novel but I got to 43000 words yesterday so I took some time off to finish reading an ARC I’d got from and another book I’d borrowed from the library. My reviews follow.

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