Review: A Study in Darkness Book 2 of The Baskerville Affair by Emma Jane Holloway


29th October 2013

Del Ray


  • ISBN 9780345537195
  • $7.99
  • Mass Market Paperback


After the events of A study in silk Eveline Cooper was exiled to her Grandmamma Holmes’ Devon estate, Nick has given up the circus and his horses to become a pirate, captain of the Red Jack, Imogen Roth is fending off unsuitable suitors and Tobias Roth is engaged to the Gold King’s daughter Alice Keating, who is pregnant. Desperate for her company in Scotland Imogen persuades Alice to invite Eveline to visit them at the Keating shooting estate. After a joyous reunion all is turned upside down by Tobias’s unexpected arrival. The Gold King manipulates all concerned and Eveline is once more exiled, this time to Whitechapel. Her mission is to seek out the Blue King’s ‘maker’ – the person designing and creating his weapons and war machines.


Eveline runs into an old enemy, the whores of London are being murdered and someone has tried to kill Sherlock Holmes. Meanwhile, the Baskervilles – a shadowy organisation opposed to the Steam Council – are gaining momentum and war is brewing.

An enjoyable sequel to A Study in Silks, this volume moves the action forward and develops the plot arc of the series while also adding new dimensions to the characters especially Eveline who faces her fears in the darkness but must be wary of getting what she wants. Jasper Keating and the rest of the Steam Council are beginning to become a touch unbelievable though – the Gold King is heading into mustache twirling silent film villain territory.

There’s no steam powered squid in this one though.

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R Cawkwell

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