A message to HIM and their fans

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

I wrote what follows on Sunday morning after the concert at Rock City on Saturday night, frustrated by my lack of WiFi and wanting to get something out of my system.


A message to HIM and their fans

To the band:

Last night at rock city I experienced something I never have before; the communion of hearts I had been told about but never felt at a gig before. I want to thank you for the music, the experience, the time and energy you put into making a HIM Concert a great night out and albums that last so well.

You inspire an amazing amount of love and loyalty in your fans and I know why now; only for you would I stand in a rain storm for one last chance to say hello and to see you safely off across the country.

Thank you, a thousand times

I wish I’d had the guts to ask Burton and Mige for a photograph or to sign my ticket when you walked past the queue before the gig (how on earth did so few people notice you?) but i was too shy and daren’t importune you when you were busy.

(Also i think you need a set of amigarumi figures of you all to go with the ville-doll that was hanging off the mike stand behind the speakers.)

A message to HIM fans

To the ladies I know personally: thank you sweethearts, Carolyn, Marielle, Monique, Satu and especially Eleanor. for your friendship, conversation about a million things other than HIM your support through the last couple of years of hell.

Ellie, thank you for showing me this world, for pushing me to experience things I never would have without you putting some music on Spotify one day and answering random questions about this band. you are the reason I went to Rock City last night.

To the lovely people I met in the queue outside Rock City and while waiting around after, thank you for your company and jaffa cakes. I wish I’d taken your advice and asked Mige and Burton to sign my ticket when I had the chance; I do regret it now.

Most HIM fans seem to be lovely though I was told about some who aren’t too polite. Be nice to each other and stop the bitchiness. None have us has any more right to get to the front of the queue or the front of the crowd at a gig than any other person.

Bye now


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