Review: HIM @ Rock City, Nottingham


Support: Caspian

Rock City


26th October 2013


There will be dodgy gig photos shortly, I promise. I have a decent camera now, and I worked out how to zoom in. But first my review. I’d have posted it last night but I had no WiFi (see previous post reviewing hotel). I made notes instead while my ears were still ringing and my voice recovered.

I wasn’t impressed by the support act, a band from America called ‘Caspian’. Consisting of a drummer and four guitarists, they bored me silly. I wasn’t the only one either, the crowd got enthusiastic only when they announced they were doing their last ‘song’. There was no singing, it wasn’t even the sort of music you could dance to. The band reminded me of choreographed marionettes playing air guitar – except they’ve been give real guitars and have decided to make some noise.

Noise pretty much describes it.

DSCF2020 DSCF2021 DSCF2024 DSCF2025

When Caspian removed themselves from the stage the anticipation began to build as the techs started to get set up for HIM. They were quite entertaining actually. Everyone had a giggle when they pushed out the cool box with the water, cola and alcohol. They were placed very deliberately on the stage.


The Ville-doll that one of the techs hung of an unused microphone stand and then placed behind the amp stack
The Ville-doll that one of the techs hung of an unused microphone stand and then placed behind the amp stack



I had an amazing night despite technical problems (apparently) with Ville’s microphone and I could barely hear him for some of the songs. The band gave it everything they’d got and the atmosphere was fantastic. I managed to get fairly close to the front and had a great view of the stage.

Who knew Gas’s drums and Burton’s keyboards had there own mini stages on castors?

The band must have played at least ten songs and they were on stage for maybe 75 minutes, yet it seemed like such a short set. There was very little chat between songs though Ville disappeared off stage for a few minutes twice. Technical problems or fag break? Either way Linde and Mige picked up the slack by entertaining us with their instrumental brilliance. When Ville did speak he was brief and quite funny, describing Funeral of Hearts as ‘a song to make sweet love to or head bang, or both at once which is surprisingly possible’ and encore song ‘I Love You’ as a ‘mediocre slow dance for 80’s school discos’.

As usual the crowd joined in singing most of the songs, a mix of old favourites and new songs from ‘Tears on Tape’.

Everyone had to be thrown out at the end because we just didn’t want to leave. They even opened the side door to help people get out. I’m glad I bought my merch on the way in because there’s no way I’d have got any on the way out.

Next up: dodgy gig photos








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