Review: ‘The Fifth Estate’

Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange in the film adaptation of Daniel Berg’s book ‘Inside WikiLeaks: My time with Julian Assange’, The Fifth Estate is a fascinating look at the website that exposed they secrets of governments and businesses the world over from someone on the inside.

We were they only ones in they cinema to watch this film (cultural wasteland!) and I can only say people are missing out on a very interesting and thought-provoking film. Further reading is in order; I want to know more about the people and events portrayed. Based on a book by a former WikiLeaks associate who fell out with Julian Assange , the narrative is no doubt biased. Rumour has it that originally the producers wanted Benedict Cumberbatch to play Mr Assange as completely cracked, and Julian Assange himself refused to be associated with the film as he felt it was full of inaccuracies. I have been reading a few things about the film on WikiLeaks and it seems that there is some controversy about the film, it’s producers and they book it is based on.

It is a comfortable length – approximately two hours and held our attention they entire time. Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting is superb, his  characterisation of Julian Assange well realised and his Australian accent wasn’t too awful. He mesmerised on screen; messed with our minds by destroying the forth wall at they end, and left us asking questions.

The rest of the cast were also excellent.

I really enjoyed this fictionalised account of events and feel that it will stimulate discussion about freedom of speech and information. You might just want to go and see it.


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