Review: Donny and Ursula Save the World by Sharon Weil

Passing4Normal Press

Ursula has never had a orgasm, she has drank an awful lot of wheatgrass juice though. She belly dances badly and keeps bowls of mushrooms all over the house.
Donny lives alone with his comic book collection, and has never touched wheatgrass. Until he meets Ursula.

Mr Edwin Edwards is something important at AgriNu, but not important enough for his liking. When a minor health scare gives him an idea he sees a way to remedy this.

Mother Earth has decided to press the reset button. Mushrooms are involved. And locusts.

Thus begins Donny and Ursula’s mission to save the world, transforming themselves and the world in the process as they fall in love, run from government organisations, transport seeds illegally and get mixed up with some very dodgy types (they naked survivalists are amusing if somewhat creepy).

A funny yet profound allegorical tale of politics, environmental degredation, human growth and they insidious nature of corporate influencing of government policies; they characters are quirky and realistic – if at they battier end of the spectrum in one or two cases. They unusual  narrative structure owes something to they authors script writing past, with its omnicient narrator, flashbacks and jumps in location and time. This isn’t a bad thing, although it can be confusing at first.

A highly enjoyable book.

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R Cawkwell

Hi I'm Rosemarie and I like to write. I write short stories and longer fiction, poetry and occasionally articles. I'm working on quite a few things at the minute and wouldn't mind one day actually getting published in print.

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