And here comes a review…

Evening all.

I’ve got myself organised and I’ve written the review I promised earlier (mostly).

Review: Soaring on Wings of Word By Terry Michelsen



A collection of the author’s sonnets and poems, incorporating six previously published chapbooks. Many of the poems explore the poets relationship to her God and faith, as well as more worldly subjects such as family and personal history. And dogs. This is an interesting collection which draws on the author’s life experiences and beliefs, and I think the experiences of her students, and the sentiments are expressed in colourful language.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t review for Book Hub very often. The books they publish contain too much religion for my taste.

I found the poems jarring, and often repetitive, a little boring even. The imagery was unoriginal and lacked the spark that produces any feeling in me. The author tries too hard to shock in one of the chapbooks and consequently does not shock at all. The rest of the poems are religious in nature, even the chapbook nominally about the poetry to be found in dogs.

I didn’t enjoy this book at all.

I have volunteered to review another book of poetry for Book Hub, I hope it’s better worth reading than Soaring on Wings of Word.


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