Hot night in Rock City

Yes, you are getting a cheesy title for this review; I am, after all, reviewing an incredibly cheesy band.They are fantastic fun though. I’m half deaf and can’t speak either from all the singing I did. Plus I got really close to the front!

Down to the serious stuff though.

Reckless Love

Rock City, Nottingham

Support: Laura Wilde

Jalle Verne and Olli Herman - Bassist and singer - prancing about on stage.
Jalle Verne and Olli Herman – bassist and singer – prancing about on stage.

Reckless Love are touring their new album ‘Spirit’ (see my review from 09/09/2013 in the UK at the moment. Yesterday they were in Leeds, tomorrow they’re in Wolverhampton, but tonight they rocked Nottingham.

The Main Hall at Rock City wasn’t exactly packed to overflowing but it was lively enough; what the audience lacked in numbers they made up for in volume. The audience was made up of a fairly good mix of age groups, though the majority were under forty and it felt as though many of those over forty were there as chaperones to teenagers. I could be wrong.

Olli Herman is an energetic frontman, bouncing around the stage and dancing as he sings. He has a fairly decent voice as well. The entire band bring an energy to the stage that is infectious. They came on to ‘The Boys are back in town’ and started with ‘So happy I could die’, and before they were half-way through the room was euphoric.

The band mainly performed tracks from their new album, as you’d expect, but a few of songs from their earlier album’s ‘Reckless Love’ – Wild Touch, most notably – and ‘Animal Attraction’ (On the radio) were thrown in for good measure.

A great night out. If you get a chance to see this band, go. I highly recommend them. I have only one complaint – a 75 minute set is not nearly long enough!

The support act for Reckless Love were a group from Melbourne, Australia called Laura Wilde, fronted by Laura Wilde herself. I didn’t know any of the songs unfortunately; I don’t think many of the audience did to be honest. They were good; so good in fact that they have joined my extremely short list of female fronted rock/metal bands that I can tolerate. There is only one other band on the list – Halestorm. They are maybe not quite as good, yet, as Halestorm and Laura Wilde’s voice isn’t quite as strong, but they are getting there and have a very similar aesthetic. Here are a couple of their videos:

I also have to say I met Laura Wilde after the gig (she was on the merchandise desk signing things and talking to people) and she’s lovely. I got myself a copy of their album ‘Sold my Soul’; if i feel up to it I may have to irritate fellow hotel guests by singing along badly. Then I’ll write a review.

And now I’m going to finish this review, upload my photo’s and go to bed; my back is killing me.

Good night and I hope you all have a great weekend



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