Review: Reforming the rogue by Donna Lea Simpson



  • Beyond the Page Publishing
  • 16th September 2013
  • ISBN 9781937349790
  • $0.99
  • Ebook

Linnet Pelham, genteel but impoverished, has lost her job as a schoolteacher and moved to London to live with her sister, former actress Jessica Landry. Jessica is sickly and engaged to her aristocratic lover Lord Cairngorm. But his Lordships’s brother Dominic Barton does not approve and is determined to prevent the disgraceful union which will damage the family name.


 Then he meets the sisters. Despite himself he is attracted to Linnet and becomes fond of Jessica. Realising that the two are devoted to each other, Dominic reassess the situation. Jessica however doesn’t want the big society wedding Cairngorm has planned and is refusing to even see him. they are both miserable; Linnet and Dominic decide they must do something about it.

I’ve read (and reviewed) some good regency romances with well developed characters and intriguing plots, but this short novel is not on the list. 79 pages of mediocre drivel – poorly written characters whose development is unsubtle, a non-existent plot and some glaring linguistic incongruities. I can’t decide which of these offends me most.

Don’t bother with it.


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