Does Regency/Georgian era Steampunk exist?


I quite like Steampunk as a genre and I’m reading a couple of Steampunk novels for review at the moment, but I’d like to know why they are all set in the mid to late nineteenth century and if there is anyone writing steampunk set in the late eighteenth/early nineteenth centuries?

I’ve been thinking about it; I can see the attraction of setting Steampunk in AU Victorian era – the industrial revolution was modernising manufacturing, science and engineering was important and it was a time of great social change.

But so was the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries; the inventions that allowed mass manufacturing had their origins in earlier decades, science and engineering built on what had gone before.

I once wrote a short story that was a Steampunk/Regency romance. It wasn’t very good and looking back I can’t imagine what possessed me to send it in for a competition. That aside, I really would like to know if anyone writes Regency Steampunk or is it strictly Victorian territory? Any recommendations?



4 thoughts on “Does Regency/Georgian era Steampunk exist?

  1. Hey! Fellow Steampunker…were doing a KS on the first true secret agent (this guy was the inspiration for James Bond!) Check it out and tell a friend or Fan! Obviously ours is more int he art/print media…but a good story is a good story!

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