I give up part 2 – The Reviewing Hiatus begins

I’m not in the mood to read ARCs today, I’ve decided. I want to write instead.

So I’m taking a break from reviewing until the beginning of December. I had planned to start on Friday but to be honest I can’t settle down to reading and I want to write. I have my NaNoWriMo from 2012 to go through and do a bit of work on. I haven’t even looked at it since January; it’s time to do some work on it and I know just what I want to write.

Review: A Study in Darkness Book 2 of The Baskerville Affair by Emma Jane Holloway


29th October 2013

Del Ray


  • ISBN 9780345537195
  • $7.99
  • Mass Market Paperback


After the events of A study in silk Eveline Cooper was exiled to her Grandmamma Holmes’ Devon estate, Nick has given up the circus and his horses to become a pirate, captain of the Red Jack, Imogen Roth is fending off unsuitable suitors and Tobias Roth is engaged to the Gold King’s daughter Alice Keating, who is pregnant. Desperate for her company in Scotland Imogen persuades Alice to invite Eveline to visit them at the Keating shooting estate. After a joyous reunion all is turned upside down by Tobias’s unexpected arrival. The Gold King manipulates all concerned and Eveline is once more exiled, this time to Whitechapel. Her mission is to seek out the Blue King’s ‘maker’ – the person designing and creating his weapons and war machines.

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I give up

I said earlier I wasn’t going to give up on the two ARCs from Net Galley that I found difficult to read?

I lied.

After spending some time this morning attempting to get in to them I just couldn’t make any progress. I got so bored I procrastinated by adding a Twitter widget to my blog and created a new bookshelf in my Adobe Digital Editions.

The books have been moved to this new ‘unreadable’ bookshelf. For the sake of the authors reputations I wont name them or the books.

Time to read the next book and watch old episodes of Highlander.

Morning, don’t expect coherent writing until I’ve had at least one cup of tea

Hi everyone,

How are you all today?

I’m not feeling so great. I blame it on going to Nottingham at the weekend.

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Review: Welbeck Hotel, Talbot Street, Nottingham

I just got back from another weekend in Nottingham and this time I stayed at the hotel that is right next to Rock City, partly because it was the cheapest hotel available for the night and partly because HIM – no other excuse needed.

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