Second draft complete!

Wow, it’s taken a few months but my second draft – otherwise known as getting it all typed up – of my short story collection is finally finished!

I’ve just completed the final story, which completely changed from first to second draft. Now the plan is to leave them be for a week or two, first edit, then bother various friends and relatives to read them. A few of my friends are writers (and good ones at that) so I trust them to tell me the truth and be constructive in their criticism.

The Beacon fell in flames.

The Captain had not been idle while they watched. As soon as the survivors boarded he consulted with the Duchess and Commander Belton; they put out to sea as quickly as possible. When at last the Beacon collapsed into the hungry sea it was far to their aft. They travelled north with a fair wind.

Prince Michael was finally persuaded to the Captain’s cabin. There, waiting, completely exhausted, and thoroughly sober, were his siblings and cousins. His aunt sat at the head of the table but rose as he entered the cabin and moved to a seat below Lizzy. He took her seat and then gestured for Captain Croft and Commander Grey to sit.

‘So, how do I get my kingdom back?’

This was the last thing I wrote. What thinketh thou?



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