Cold Summer

Second Attempt. Lets hope it saves what I write this time.

Yesterday I had another band follow me on Twitter, a post-hardcore quartet from Wakefield called

Cold Summer

I’m feeling a bit rotten today so I’m going to make this an extremely quick post. Here’s a list of the relevant web pages for this band.



This band, who’ve been around since 2010, have produced 2 EP’s and an album. Their self-titled album was released in July 2013. On their page it’s possible to hear most of the songs. But who are Cold Summer?

  • Dan Feast – Vocals & Guitar
  • Chris Harrison – Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Chris Hepworth – Bass & Backing Vocals
  • Justin Eastwood – Drums

Videos for their songs are available on You Tube:


I don’t generally like post-hardcore – I’m more a pop-punk fan – but I might make an exception for this band. I like some of the songs, at least. There is a good balance between harsh vocals and singing. Dan Feast is a fairly good vocalist.


I’m going to go now, because I feel like death warmed over.




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