I knew it was a bad idea to start writing about the bands that follow me on Twitter

Because another band has followed me. Once I start something I have to carry on. Plus I like helping people. So despite my reservations, I’m going to write about the latest band to follow my Twitter account.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and other creatures, allow me to present


These five gentlemen from Wigan haven’t been together long. According to their Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/avalinband, the band have only been in existence since January this year. I couldn’t find out much about them, except the members’ first names:

  • Jack – Vocals
  • Ian – Guitar
  • Tom – Bass
  • Alex – Keys
  • Andy – Drums

Fortunately their Twitter account, twitter.com/avalinband, provides a couple of links to their music:

  1. http://www.youtube.com/user/avalinband

Here you can find the videos to the two singles they have released – ‘Self-control’ and ‘Antidote’ as well as a variety of other videos from the studio.

2. http://avalin.bandcamp.com/

Downloads of the same singles are available here, for free.

They really need to work on their web presence. Information is sparse and scattered over their Facebook page, Twitter account, bandcamp and You Tube pages.


The two songs I have heard are definitely alternative rock. There’s a strong electronic element to the vocals, while keys and drums more dominant than guitar and bass, at times. Some talent is exhibited, especially in ‘Antidote’, and I look forward to hearing the two songs they recorded in Sheffield at the weekend.

Anyway, if you like alt. rock, pop punk or just want to hear some new music, this new band might interest you.


Now I’m getting back to my reading, while watching Star Trek.




P.S. Does anyone else find Ensign Chekov (in the new Star Trek films) adorable?




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