‘Take Courage’ by The First: a release day review

The last time I posted I wrote about another band that had followed me on Twitter and mentioned they had a new album out today. While I was scrolling through Twitter this morning I saw a tweet from the band and thought I’d see if I could find the album on Spotify.

I was in luck.

I’m glad I managed to find the album because I rather like it.

When I wrote that I thought this album would be heavier than the first album I based that supposition on hearing ‘Love. Regret. Forgive. Forget.’ Initially hearing the first track on ‘Take Courage’ – ‘There’s no place like home’ – seemed to confirm that. But upon close listening (I listened to the album several times during the day) I found that there was a lot less screaming than I was expecting.

The First – There’s No Place Like Home

This is a thoughtful album of melodic rock, with impressive musicianship and catchy hook laden songs. ‘Take Courage’ and ‘Shark Attack’ really grab hold of the ear.

The First – Take Courage

I think ‘Love. Regret. Forgive. Forget.’ will be a favourite sing-along for fans. ‘Tonight Tonight’ is very different from the rest of the album. Much slower and more melodic, a beautiful song set to a piano.

The First – Tonight Tonight

The three songs I’ve added links for span range of this album, displaying the bands diversity. If you want to hear the whole album though I’ve put the link below.

The First – Take Courage



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