‘The First’; or the most recent band to follow me on Twitter

This band from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire followed me on Twitter recently, and this morning I had a listen to some of their music. The video below is from their new album ‘Take Courage’, which will be out on the 23rd September. Their first album ‘Swimming with Sharks’ is available on Spotify.

As everyone who reads my blog knows, I’m not too fond of shouting instead of singing, but I think this band have got the balance right – hardly any shouting despite the emotive subject of the lyrics. I actually preferred the first album, but it’s not fair too judge on just the one song how the new album will sound.

They have a website: http://www.wearethefirst.co.uk/ but it mainly lists tour dates; there is nothing useful about the band – like who they are. Their Facebook and Twitter are much more helpful.



From these we learn that the band is composed of

  • Benny Salter – Vocals
  • Tim Crane – Guitar/Scream
  • Rob Knight – Drums
  • Adam Masters – Bass
  • Ben Knowles – Lead Guitar

The band describe their genre as Melodic Rock, which I think is a farily accurate description, especially of the first album. I think the second album may be a little heavier.

Here’s some information from their Facebook ‘About’ page:


The First are a melodic rock band from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire with a refreshingly powerful and mature sound. Their instantly memorable choruses, vicious guitar lines and progressive rhythmic patterns blend with The First’s ability to tear up stages to create a blisteringly energetic live show. After touring the UK and Europe for the last year and a half in support of their debut release “Swimming with Sharks”; the band are releasing their new single ‘Take It Back’ as a taste of things to come, before they lock themselves away in the studio to finish recording their second album.’
It obviously hasn’t been updated in a while.
But, aside from the ‘not great’ web presence, they seem like a band that is starting to be noticed. I quite liked their music.
Not that anyone should listen to me, but if you want to hear more try their Facebook page – they have a free download available, and here’s a link to their debut album on Spotify:
And that’s all I have to say on the subject.
Now I have to go to Asda, what a horrible thought, but if I don’t then I have no pack up for tomorrow.

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