Review: ’So that others may live: A Fethulleh Gulen Reader’ Edited by Erkan M Hurt


3rd July 2013

Blue Dome Press (The Light Inc.)



This is a compilation of the Turkish scholar Fethulleh Gulan’s essays. Gulan is an incredibly influential man and his ideas are the guiding light behind a movement for peace, education and social justice – the Gulan Movement.


This collection contains essays on the nature of humanity and civilisation, religion, service and education, as well as a set of essays on the nature of Islam. I’ve only vaguely heard of Gulan and I can’t say I agree with him on certain subjects, but the essays are well argued comments on a variety of subjects. They are certainly a good introduction to a wider audience of Gulan’s thoughts and the background to the movement that is named for him.

An interesting read.


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