Review: ‘My Brief History’ by Stephen Hawking


10th September 2013


Stephen Hawking has written several popular science books that have been incredibly well received. And now he has written his own story. I have read an uncorrected e-book and am now able to review it.


Born to impoverished intellectuals in Oxford and brought up in London and St Alban’s, Professor Hawking was always going to be a scientist and was fascinated by mathematics and cosmology from a young age. He did well enough in his 11-plus to get into a good school and just about managed to stay in the top stream in the school. He went to Oxford at the age of 17 and after gaining a first he went to Cambridge to gain his PhD. He’s been there ever since, with stints abroad to Caltech. At the age of 21 he was diagnosed with ALS and the majority of his career has been undertaken while struggling with this degenerative disease.

His work in physics is impressive, and he describes some of it in this short autobiography. I wish I understood half of his work; I get the gist of it but not the details. This 75 page e-book is illustrated with plenty of photographs and describes his life in simple terms.


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