Review: ‘Did I Say That Out Loud? Conversations About Life’ By Kelly McDermott Harman

Wegost Press



This e-book is 87% true, 13% blarney, according to the author; a collection of humorous personal anecdotes. I couldn’t help but laugh as Kelly described conversations with her family and friends, including the one with her sister about getting concussion from a drunk man three weeks before a further head injury in a car accident, or the time she had to help said sister explain to their parents why she had left her husband, the conversation she had with her family paediatrician about her sons being serial killers in training (creative cricket death was involved), or her mother’s story about quilt shops and concealed weapons permits.

I enjoyed this small book (it is only 65 pages from first to last) of absolutely barmy but heart-warming stories of family meals, celebrations and minor disasters told with wry humour and self-awareness. Kelly Harman can laugh at herself and the reader laughs with her, because we have all been there. Who hasn’t been to a potentially disastrous family party or had a silly argument with a loved one – though I don’t know anyone who ever hog-tied their little sister and hid her under a bed for several hours. And I never want to hear about exploding cat anus again.


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