Procrastination by mobile

I realised something today: if my phone is on I can’t work.

I procrastinate like nobody’s business. At home it’s my only access to the internet so I check my emails, then Twitter then Facebook. And then spend a couple of hours reading blogs on WordPress. It’s very distracting.

Today I turned my phone off for three hours and got a fair bit done. I read a couple of chapters each of all the books I need to review, wrote a review and then wrote 1000 words one of the short stories in my anthology. Turning my phone off and making a ‘To Do’ list are my strategies to get work done. I have quite a few e-books to review at the minute because I keep seeing interesting books on Net Galley that I want to read.

In the current issue of Mslexia magazine there are the results of a survey they sent out to subscribers a few months ago. The subject of the survey? Procrastination. I had a look on their website but can’t find the results there, and I’ve left my copy of the mag at home but I think social media was cited as one of the big procrastination tools, as well as housework and staring out of the window.

At least next time they survey I’ll be able to write something useful in the comments box.





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