Review:’Spirit’ – the new album from Reckless Love

I reviewed this album (badly) last Monday, the UK release day. Now that I’m feeling marginally better (I haven’t died from this cold yet) and have had a chance to listen to the album a few (dozen) times, I feel more capable of reviewing it properly and fairly.
I like the work of these ‘Merry Metalheads’; they’re living proof that not all Finnish musicians are perpetually mardy. Their music celebrates the joys of life and specifically extols the virtues of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

The majority of songs on this album stick firmly within this territory – ‘ Bad Lovin”, ‘Sex, Drugs & Reckless Love’ and ‘Metal Ass’ are prime examples of their upbeat, uncomplicated style. In a departure from their usual jaunty tunes they have included the sweetly melancholy ‘Hot Rain’ on the album. This is a song of heartbreak, full of emotion and love.

‘Night on fire’ and ‘So happy I could die’ provide a positive counterpoint to “Hot Rain’, expressing unbridled happiness and optimism in life and love. ‘Runaway Love’ feels like a sequel to ‘Speeding’ from 2010’s Animal Attraction. Lyrically the majority if songs are in the tradition of 1980’s glam rock/hair metal but modernised, though with some evidence of an increased sophistication in content compared to earlier albums.

An enjoyable addition to the band’s work.

Favourite lyrics

‘I feel your heartbreak like burning hot rain’
Hot Rain

All of So happy I could die

‘I have been in trouble day after day, like a nasty toddler…I have been in shit so deep I nearly drown’
Die Hard

‘We are lost in the heat of a crazy night, the stars in our eyes, blinded by the limelight’
Edge Of Our Dreams

‘Life is gonna kick you right into your teeth, time is gonna bring you down on to your knees…when life is feeling blue all you ever need to do is add a lot of sex, little drugs and a reckless love’
Basically all of Sex, drugs & Reckless Love

I quite like Olli’s idiosyncratic English. The first time I listened to the album I thought this had disappeared but that’s just a sign of how off my game I was. I couldn’t concentrate enough to hear the music properly. The songs still have his distinctive not quite correct use of idiom and unusual sentence structure.

I hope I’ve made up for my poor efforts last week. I’m going to get back to writing my short story up now. It keeps changing from the first draft, although it is still heading in the same overall direction.

Bye for now,


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