Review: ‘Affliction’ by Laurell K. Hamilton





In the twenty-first Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, novel, our heroine finds herself in an unusual situation: meeting her in-laws in Boulder. Unfortunately she’s meeting Micah’s parents because his Dad is dying from a zombie bite that’s rotting faster than the doctors can cut it away.

Probably not the best time for a family reunion?



But Micah’s supposedly divorced parents have secrets of their own, and a very intolerant extended family. However Anita deals with it all with her usual calm (borrowed from Micah and Nathaniel) and they get on with trying to find out precisely who is responsible for the rotting vampires and flesh-eating zombies who are making a nuisance of themselves (and killing lots of people).

Encountering a new Marshal of the Preternatural Branch who has a real problem with Anita (her reputation is bad for the other female Marshals apparently) who’s ignorance causes another major crisis – at the hospital, and a lot of police officers who can’t decide whether they like her or not, until she saves their lives, Anita hunts the monster, and gets two marriage proposals. She accepts both, as well as agreeing to be best man at Edward’s (the sociopath/her best friend) wedding.

As usual Anita triumphs with the help of her vampires and other sociopathic friends, as well as the local SWAT, proving that she is the biggest baddest necromancer around in the process.


This is Anita and her men at their most well-adjusted (the therapy must be working) and while there’s a little bit of sex, the plot is finally back in charge of the novel. Laurell Hamilton has written another entertaining adventure. I actually liked this one more than I have any of the ‘Anita Blake’ books for a long time. It took me a while to get in around to reading it but once I did I resented having to do anything else, like my day job (seriously, I had great difficulty dragging myself back to the kitchen with after my breaks last Sunday).



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