Progress report ‘Variations on a Theme’ short story collection

As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I’m working on a collection of short stories and have been for most of this year.

The collection came about because I wad on the train home from a concert last year and started writing ‘first line prompts’. I took one of these, two prompts from a Tumblr blog I follow, and a random picture I liked, and decided to see what I could do.
It’s time for a progress report, though.

I have completed first drafts of eleven stories and one poem. Originally it was to be twelve stories and none of my poetry, but I couldnt help writing a poem to fit one if the prompts. Currently all but one of the stories is at second draft stage and havemigrated from notebooks to computer.

The final story is in the process of doing this. Today I wrote 2000 words of a current total of 2500. It is no where near complete. I’d say I’m a quarter of the way in to the second draft. I estimate, given my workload, that it’ll take me another couple of weeks to get it typed up.

The plan after is to go through the second drafts and start editing. Then I shall email them to various people to read through for feedback and suggestions. Then second edit.

After that, I’m not sure.




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