Something light hearted before I start posting book reviews

Reckless Love (hyperactive glam rock band from Finland – very 80’s!) release their new album ‘Spirit’ a week today. Today they released the video for one of the songs on that album. The song is called ‘So happy I could die’, and it really is a cheerful tune.

This band have never been ‘heavy’, they are more in the tradition of glam rock and that is obvious in all their music. This song is a bit more ‘pop’ than anything I’ve heard from them before. The video is ridiculously over the top as usual, this time they appear to be performing in a skate park and having paint thrown at them. Daft prats.

But I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

I present to you, Reckless Love’s new video.. (Drum Roll)



I really am looking forward to the new album and seeing them live in October. I’m making a long weekend of it, with my night at Rock City the centre piece.


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